Project Hygiene

Project Hygiene is designed to provide various resources to students at Piqua High School to meet their basic hygiene needs. My plan is to purchase drawstring bags and fill them with items that my fellow classmate determined as necessity items for our peers. Some of these items include menstrual products for females as well as deodorant, face wash, dental care products, and others for both genders. We have a full list of items for students available upon request. By using drawstring bags, students are able to avoid any kind of stigma associated with needing these products. Many students at PHS already carry a drawstring bag for their school supplies so our peers wouldn’t think twice about someone having these bags in their possession during the school day. If a student runs out of the supplies, I plan to have a space at PHS where they can meet with a staff member to get more items. I was inspired to help my peers based on the mistreatment I’ve witnessed of some of my classmates. I think it is important to support these students who aren’t in a position to have these resources at home. Students spend so much of their day at Piqua High School with one another. I genuinely want every student to feel comfortable in that environment, and I truly believe providing these resources for students is an important step to making that happen.

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