Don’t Complain, Activate

Don’t Complain, Activate (DCA), formed in 2016, reminds young people, who are the future, that we don’t have to be President Barack Obama or Beyoncé in order to activate our community. We can be activists, teachers, artists, mothers and fathers, janitors, lawyers, and so much more. Everyone can and should activate the community.

Under DCA, I created a Instagram Live series called “Queens and Kings Unite.” I interview Black folks to discuss patriarchy, misogyny, and how to meaningly stand with Black women. The current climate has created a need for healthy conversations about how to protect Black women, that young people can witness. I would like to start recording the conversations on Zoom and broadcasting them live on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. This is virtual but I will be marketing to Northside residents and making sure they feel connected.

Подкрепен от North Minneapolis, MN (November 2020)