Roho Collective Media Resource Library

ROHO Collective is a network for the exchange of knowledge between artists of color in the Twin Cities. We serve as a consolidated voice and platform for both emerging and professional artists of color. We provide a place for professional development, professional growth, and business opportunities. We take responsibility for ensuring our communities are educated about the value of the arts in our society and we advocate for the arts both locally and nationally.

As an organization that is all about connection and engagement, we are challenged with how to do that in these uncertain times. How do we keep growing, supporting, educating and training, in addition to gaining new supporters? We will be creating a new platform on our existing website that will allow us to connect creativity to the community. This new dedicated space will be consistently uploaded with training videos, virtual studio shows, artists talks and creative tools and resources for all ages. These videos will expand beyond visual art, this is a space where all mediums such as music, dance, photography, poetry, etc. will have a digital home to share the gift of art.

Подкрепен от North Minneapolis, MN (April 2020)