Black to the Future

Mother and Daughter artists, Amoke Kubat and Keegan Xavi will work with students at PYC Alternative School in North Minneapolis. We will engage students in her Art Historian class into a multi-genre discipline of Literature and Science/Science Fiction experience.

We will guide students to create their own Emergency Strategic Plan and a customized BUG OUT BAGS to address immediate and future emergency or natural disaster survival needs. (YO MAMA, LLC is donating 20 backpacks)

We will do a collective investigation of the book, Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. In this Afro Futuristic story, the main character prepares a survival bag as she faces a dystopian future.

It is our intention to inspire students to prepare for their futures in the changing landscape of North Minneapolis.

They will create their own stories of Northside Street Survival.

Подкрепен от North Minneapolis, MN (September 2019)