Access to Therapy and The Community

We are an early intervention service in Geelong helping empower parents of children with disability to promote their development so they can become as independent as possible when they grow up.

We want to provide 'at risk' families with petrol vouchers to come to the clinic, or go to We Rock the Spectrum (a sensory gym for children with autism).

We also want to provide food vouchers to families doing food therapy for children with restricted diets so they can purchase the food we recommend for their child.

We would offer these vouches discretely to families who will use them as intended.

We have found many awesome parents out there who want to help their children's development. Some of them have barriers which they are unable to overcome without a final little bit of help from the Awesome Foundation!

Some children need high level of sensory input but they cannot afford petrol, are too far from a park or cannot access indoor play spaces to meet their sensory needs.

Many parents run out of time to do therapy strategies with their child because they are so busy running around, cleaning up after the rest of the family. Here is where our sensory garden helps child development and learning.

Подкрепен от Geelong (August 2021)