Casual for a Cause Closet

I am a staffing specialist at Preference Employment Solutions. I am relatively new to the job and the industry, but one of the things that impressed me about this company are the attitudes of every associate towards giving back. That feeling isn't just towards the community in general, but also in making sure that our field staff (job seekers) have what they need in order to accept a job.
Our industrial team places maaaany people in positions that are for unskilled and skilled laborers. We have noticed that we get many candidates, including new Americans, who come in looking for positions that they can start almost immediately.
The staff decided to have "Casual for a Cause" Fridays, wherein each person pays $2 each Friday to be able wear jeans and more casual attire. The money goes towards helping our our field employees when needed. Some examples of where the money goes include pay advances for employees to buy food or pay rent, gift cards for employees who have had a baby or lost a family member, etc.
There is a need for field staff in unskilled labor positions to have the needed attire so they started a "closet" that contains some steel-toed shoes, hard hats, and other items that our candidates need in order to start a job right away. We do not charge for these necessities. We put in our own money, take donations, find them at thrift stores, etc. in order to have them on hand. The goal of the Casual for a Cause closet is to also have some non-perishable food items, back to school supplies, lunch boxes, warm clothes, work gloves, etc. so that we can help our employees out in their time of need.

Подкрепен от Cass Clay (March 2022)