Marine Life Communication Series

We are developing a suite of short, informative videos that explore how ocean animals use sound in their marine habitats. We currently have five episodes with an average of 10k views each. They are all 3~5minutes and reveal the communications, science, and biology of marine life.

Next in the queue are Sperm Whales, Fishes, Invertebrates ,and Pinnepeds. We'd be glad to include your logo in the credit roll.

Our organization is focused on marine bioacoustics, and how sound works, and is used in the ocean - with a particular focus on the impacts of anthropogenic sound on marine life. We do this through scientific research and policy development , informing our policies and practices with the ocean to make it a better, healthier place for all of us.

A component of this mission is developing engaging ways to reach out to the public, informing them about our work, and how we can improve our marine practices.

Our websites include:

Подкрепен от Marin, CA (August 2021)