Hopi Weaving Project-Paaqavi Weaving Program

This project will help support the traditional Hopi weaving and provide some resources for a community that has over 90% poverty rate to be able to get the skills and knowledge to be able to be weavers. Weaving is a traditional skill carried out by traditional roles by our menfolks and have deep spiritual and cultural ties. We would like to be able to get 8 individuals thru the lessons and enough skills to be able to use for economic and social advancement. If they can have the knowledge about why the weaving is so important they will also not lose the cultural teachings and also have a deeper appreciation for the purpose of our textiles and ceremonial attire which, by custom, is entirely handmade. We come from a strong culture and would like to see these skills passed onto our younger community members. Also by providing the access to the materials, the mentees will also be able to have a way to support their families and have items for cultural trade that will last a lifetime and also be able to be passed down to their children.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (September 2021)