Black Women Are Scary

Dusky Projects addresses cultural gatekeeping in publishing, production, and storytelling through the creation of horror and sci-fi works. Though the national discussion around systemic racism and sexism has improved, implicit bias maintains a strong hold on the arts industry. It can be difficult for new genre creators to find their audience due to a lack of understanding of the cultural framework from which they create. As a result, there is a lack of support overall with producing, publishing or distributing the work of BIPOC artists.

Our project, Black Women Are Scary, addresses this gatekeeping through employment, production, promotion, and celebration. We are a hub for new horror writers and for listeners that want to know them. We do this through audio production and interactive virtual author showcases (the Macabre Mixer).

For our second season we will partner with BIPOC owned businesses to host in-person podcast recordings and author showcases. Our live recordings will include readings of flash fiction stories and audience participation as we gab about themes in the story, the author and, of course, horror. The live author showcase will be an in-person version of our Macabre Mixer which included interviews, games, and fun.

Подкрепен от Philadelphia, PA (July 2021)