CT Survivors Connect

CT Survivors Connect is a first of its kind, in Canada, support group/service for conversion therapy survivors. Primarily based in Kingston Ontario, where known CT practices have occurred. Virtually being able to service people from Kingston, and from across the province and even the country.

This group is being created by a survivor, for survivors, to develop much needed services. Creating a safe and inclusive space where survivors of conversion therapy, a horrific and debunked practice, can come together. To find support, and to support each other.

A place to develop community and a broader network of resources.

A place to find direction and be guided to other beneficial services by connecting them to local resources as needed.

I would like to create an open and safe space online for survivors to meet, as well as to find and have an in person meeting space when Covid-19 restrictions are released.

Currently, in Canada, there are over 50000 members of the GBTQ2S+ community who have gone through or experienced CT in some form. That doesn't include the number of LBTQ2S+ who have experienced this as well.

This group is a small step in the direction of creating strong and accessible supports for conversion therapy Survivors,

Подкрепен от Kingston (June 2021)