Interactive Mural for School

I'm looking to create units of physical computing projects for the next school year, seeing as we will finally be back in person in the physical space of the classroom.

I'm excited to have students be able to interact with tools, materials and equipment, and it made sense to develop curriculum around interactive projects.

The project would be an interactive mural to celebrate the school community and our return to in-person learning, after a difficult year of online school. The project is based off of a Bare Conductive Interactive Mural project on their website. The project combines art, coding and circuits in a large physical computing project for the school atrium or a classroom.

Hopefully, reusable components of the kits can also be used in the future for integrated projects with English and Science, to create interactive installations, showcasing student knowledge. An example of a smaller project is based off of an Akyute installation, where they hooked up plants to sensors to use them as musical instruments.

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