"CTRL Room" Recording Studio - Youth Music Project

I have built a cooperative recording studio for youth Downtown Sarnia, my partners and I at tmrrw inc. have invested in building this facility so the community may have low cost access to music recording resources. It's called the "CTRL room"

The project was inspired by my personal musical journey as an artist and song writer in my youth who struggled to find resources to create coming form a low income family.

I would like to use this new space to run two different programs.

  1. Youth Artist Demo Award - Studio time with an Audio Engineer to produce submitted demo in the studio absolutely free. This award would be granted to a local resident under 21 who has submitted their song and was selected by our voting committee 2x a year.

As I don't have the expertise or the time to do this myself I'd like to offer all our tools, technology and space for this program and I'm simply looking for the funds to hire a local audio engineer to do the work in our space. I have budgeted $500/song.

  1. DIY Artist Workshop - In my personal entrepreneurial journey I have built 3 recording studios, each with significantly different budgets. I also have become quit savvy with the science of sound and space as well as proficient at the software and tools used to create music. With modern technology and in the internet it's much more practical for artists to build their own at home recording studios and use these studios to launch their careers. I would volunteer my time to conduct the workshop but would be looking for funding to support the marketing and resources we'd provide the students as well as meals etc. The workshop would be a full day and take place at our tmrrw inc. offices down town.

Подкрепен от Sarnia (June 2021)