African Drumming Project

The African Drumming Project enables different age groups: Kids group; Teens group and an Adult group, in which they meet twice per week for 4 weeks to do African Drumming Clinics. Clinics will support 10 participants to learn African drumming styles, folk songs and traditions primarily from Afro-Caribbean (Cuba & Haitian) as well as W. African Nigerian and Guinea traditions.

Drumming clinics can uplift and empower through the cultural traditional arts, by which is not widely represented within our current era. The residents gain by getting a cultural ambassador who will dedicate to serve the community and teach in the capacity of their knowledge for all facets of ages, cultures and people, who in turn will gain empowerment, raised self-esteem, healthier well-being and historical ancient practices.

Подкрепен от Gainesville, FL (September 2021)