Krazy Krutches for Kids

I would like to use your grant to go to both Hotel Dieu Hospital and Windsor Regional Hospital to visit kids who are in the hospital and have to start using crutches. Learning to walk with crutches is much harder than most people realize so having something to look forward to makes a world of difference. I would like to see children (with the hospitals permission) who need crutches or have just received their crutches...and ask them, what theyd like their new crutches to look like. I would spent the grant money on the art supplies: spray paint, jewels, stickers, hockey tape (which is used on the portion of the crutch that goes under your arms (arm supports) to give them extra padding; glitter (really makes the crutches sparkle, brushes, and any other supplies I would need to make this child's dream crutches come true!

The pictures don't quite do the crutches justice - mine were brilliant fuscia (good for finding me in the dark at fireworks too) and were covered in glitter; with two types of hockey tape (penguins - my favorite) and a stripped pattern of pink, green and orange for the arm pads!

Подкрепен от Windsor, ON (March 2013)