Drag Queen Colouring Book

March’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Don Kwan and John Cameron to support the distribution of a free drag queen colouring book featuring Ottawa’s very own China Doll.

“This eight-page colouring book will be like colouring a day in the life of the legendary drag icon and local entertainer,” explains Don, who is China Doll’s little brother. “It will feature China Doll in dreamlike landscapes, wearing flashy jewellery, unique costumes, and over-the-top wigs.”

“We will create a website,” Don continues, “where anyone can contact us to receive their very own colouring book. People will be able to print themselves a copy from the comfort and safety of their own home, and we will also send copies in the mail to those who don’t have a printer.”

“We want to spark creativity and laughter for those isolated at home during the pandemic,” says Don. “What’s better than a fun, family-friendly drag queen colouring book? It’s an activity everyone can enjoy – young and old. And particularly those families with kids who are struggling with isolation during the pandemic. Plus it will be full of camp and super fun to colour!”

“We want to encourage everyone to colour with all the colours in the crayon box – and have fun thinking outside the box too.”

Don is a visual artist and community builder. John is his husband and creative collaborator.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (March 2021)