The Purple Bin Project

We are seeking to provide disadvantaged South Australians with daily essentials through The Purple Bin Project. We want to end hygiene poverty. The purple bins accept a range of products for Adults and children. These include new underwear, new socks and new personal hygiene products, known as toiletries. These donations will be collected from the bins and bagged up and distributed to local shelters and charity organisations like Baptistcare SA. We are keen to grow the project together with the community and support many people doing life tough.

We are wanting to bring people together and make up fabric toiletries bags. Community groups are keen to come and join the project and do roles such as emptying the bins, sorting out bin donations, bagging up all donations in fabric toiletries bags, sewing/making the fabric toiletries bags and distributing the fabric bags to local shelters and charity organisations. We really want to engage community groups to support this project. Collaboration is key to any community project!

Подкрепен от Fleurieu (February 2021)