Real Freedom Projects

"Real Freedom Project" is a black-led virtual performance platform that celebrates the collective capacities and power of BIPOC creators and culture. RFP started out as a response to the lack of visibility of BIPOC artists and content represented in the virtual programmatic response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The curatorial collective behind the RFP consists of BIPOC artists, musicians, performers, and producers working to elevate a broad spectrum of live performance within a virtual space. RFP streams Full Moon Streams every month, featuring live and pre-recorded content that showcases top-tier talented performers and dedicated members of the community, creating a lively event with something for everyone. Full Moon Streams start at sundown and run until the late evening. Curating for each Full Moon Stream theme begins with the type of full moon, whether it's a Wolf or Beaver moon. From there, RFP Curators work to generate ideas about programs and then reach out to their networks to create dynamic and engaging content to be streamed during the evening. RFP Curators also reach out to local BIPOC businesses to provide free advertising time for them during the stream. The Real Freedom Project is centered around providing platforms for "BIPOC Brilliance" while narrowing the digital divide for BIPOC creators and members from the community.

** This project has been funded through funds honoring the memory of Mark Rogovin, a celebrated and beloved muralist in Chicago. These funds are specifically marked to support projects that benefit public art in the Chicago area.

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (March 2021)