Around the World Virtual Tour

Expanding Boundaries International is a nonprofit organization that offers international and technological education to individuals who feel that such opportunities are beyond their reach. Minority students are drastically underrepresented in both international and technology education programs — this is a big racial disparity! We want to tear down the invisible walls that keep minority students blocked from opportunities to expand their boundaries.

One way in which we help to expand these boundaries for our students is through our CIty Explorers program. The City Explorers program is a way to introduce these children to a world beyond their city limits. Many of them have never even been outside the city, let alone visited another state or country. Our initial City Explorers program was conceived as an in-person field trip program. Expanding Boundaries International staff would take students on field trips to visit cultural institutions and museums in places like Washington, D.C. This approach had to change when the pandemic hit, so our organization developed the Around the World Virtual Tour program. This allows us to still provide international education to area students in a safe way.

The Around the World Virtual Tour Program takes our students on a tour of six different countries via engaging and informative Youtube videos. These videos are diligently researched, directed, created, and narrated by our staff and volunteers. We start with arrival at the airport and then visit various landmarks, monuments, and museums in the country all from our own computers. The tour will run every Saturday at 1 pm from May 8th- June 12th and each individual tour last approximately one hour. This year the six countries on our tour are Germany, South Africa, Botswana, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Russia. We are also hoping to assemble "culture kits" to coincide with the tour for our students to make the tour more hands-on for the students (see below for more details on kits).

Подкрепен от Westminster, MD (June 2021)