A Place to Demand Justice

After being referred by DCASE, It gives me immense pleasure to present to the Awesome Foundation one of my passionate and thought-provoking pieces of art called 'Demand Justice.'

More than just a timely work of art, Demand Justice is a mantra that many African-Africans function through.

Over the years, the Demand Justice artwork has engaged and been involved in community movements to amplify the oppressed voices by transforming spaces with pop-ups and accompanying auxiliary art activism. The piece speaks to the dichotomy of the timeless pursuit of fairness and equality.

Inspired by a mixture of street art and contemporary modern art, it took me three months to construct two signature 12 feet tall wooden sculptural portraits of African American leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. The wood used has been machined, layered, stained, and painted. The portraits are part of a body of work and aesthetic that I call 'String

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are often seen as opposing forces against oppression and the civil rights struggle. While Martin Luther King adopted Gandhi's nonviolent approach, Malcolm X believed in fighting back 'by-any-means-necessary.'

Goal: A Place to Demand Justice
The Demand Justice art piece will be installed at Queen's Landing/ Grand Park from Martin Luther King's birthday (Jan. 18th), Malcolm X's assassination (Feb.21st) and Black History Month. I’ve never wanted to limit my work within the four walls of a fancy, high-end art exhibit, which is why I’ve hauled the 'Demand Justice' pieces throughout Chicago. I’ve transformed many spaces and moved many fortunate people that have witnessed the temporary art piece installations. From Jan 18th - Feb 21st the Demand Justice art piece will have a temporary home open to the public.

** This project has been funded through funds honoring the memory of Mark Rogovin, a celebrated and beloved muralist in Chicago. These funds are specifically marked to support projects that benefit public art in the Chicago area.

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (January 2021)