Career Connect Coaching

The Career Connect program works with individuals who are unemployed or underemployed and helps by providing free training and coaching to obtain a living wage career position. The trainings upcoming in 2021 include Certified Nursing Assistant, MedAid, Welding, and Automotive. In addition to the free training, we provide coaching that includes an assessment for barriers to employment and help in overcoming those barriers. These may include things like job search, resume writing, seeking safe child care, identifying transportation options, and learning soft skills to ensure success in the work place.
Funds will be used to support the program participants with needs that our grants do not provide for such as scrubs, child care, transportation vouchers, and work boots. We are able to provide the cost of the training and testing as well as the coaching, but there are times when other barriers present themselves. At times, something as small as a $40 bus pass/gas voucher or $100 towards a childcare deposit can mean the world to a program participant.

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