Familles en nature: 4 saisons de plaisir

Some exciting things have been happening this past year. Through contacts made during an outdoor naturalist course this spring, I have met 11 other individuals who desire to offer nature activities to families who do not otherwise have access. We meet each month. Some are involved because they work with immigrant families and want to offer programs bridging them to the outdoors in Montreal. Others prioritize environmental conservation and sustainability efforts in Montreal; they believe that kids and families need to develop a relationship with nature in order to valorize her. Still others are motivated by their care for families in general and believe that nature activities are good for healthy child development and the building of family ties. At this point, a few organizations have signed on and been willing to contribute time and resources to this project, absorbing most of their costs. This is what we have planned:

20-25 low-revenue families (approx. 60 people) will participate in the following 4 seasonal nature activities:

1) Fall, Oct. 2012, Parc du Mont Royal: Les Amis la Montagne
A hike inviting families to experience a nature oasis in the heart of the city by walking the trails of Mt Royal and discovering her plants, wildlife, geology and secrets.
2) Winter, Feb. 2013, Redpath Museum
Museum activity concerning Quebec’s biodiversity: a workshop on how animals and plants survive Montreal’s winters, a museum tour, and snowshoeing.
3) Spring, May 2013, Camp Kanawana (YMCA)
Nature immersion activity: A forest hike exploring spring flora and fauna, followed by canoeing and dinner prepared over a campfire.
4) Summer, June 2013, Crapaud (UQAM)
An urban plant, bee and bird discovery activity followed by a conservation workshop in which families create small “green spaces” or bird feeders for their balconies or yard.

The attached pictures come from a 2012 AQPERE conference presentation based on our October event.

Подкрепен от Montreal, QC (April 2013)