Be-coming Tree Live Art Events

Be-coming Tree is a 1hr world-wide live-streamed durational Live Art event. Artists in different countries commune/perform simultaneously with a local tree or woodland and stream their action to audiences via a shared Zoom webinar. Our first 2 events saw 38 artists in 13 countries (Hungary, Sri Lanka, India, Algeria, Slovenia, UK, US, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France and Portugal) simultaneously interpret the BCT theme in a diverse array of creative interpretations and habitats. Participation can involve action, stillness, dance, ritual, meditation, as the artist expresses the BCT ethos. Synchronicity with other practitioners and engagement with nature offers artists a creative entanglement that contributes to and expands their practice. International audiences witness diverse ecosystems and a sense of global kinship with artists and their trees, and interact via live-chat. In Covid restrictions artists can share creativity, and many people in urban settings can experience nature. Our first 2 events taught us much and this is a critical point of growth and professionalization at which we need funding support. We can now improve artists’ and audience experience and deliver a smooth running professional event. We anticipate 4 events in 2021 with the next in Jan. Through partnership with TreeSisters, we will incorporate a ‘trees for tickets’ system, where a donation to plant a rainforest tree is included in ticket sales. We’re ready to expand our audience and will achieve this via actively seeking partnerships, plus marketing, to empower more artists and audiences and make a more significant contribution to tropical reforestation. Another outcome is a professionally edited video, filmed in gallery view, participants all viewed performing simultaneous actions. The hive-view mirrors forest networks and the inclusive nature of BCT. This eco-action connects artists and audiences globally with a reminder of our required unity in the restoration of the planet.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (December 2020)