Pandemic 3d Printing

I am working on a project for the Petrolia Legion Br. 216 to help them replace their aging grave markers that commemorate Canadian Forces members serving at home and overseas.

Previously they were made out of a cast mold and solid metal but after years of exposure to the elements they have rusted and the maintenance time and cost for the legion has become too much.

I have stepped in to and offered the use of the 3d printers and they are supplying the materials to begin replacing the markers already in Hillside Cemetery with 3d printed version that will require almost no maintenance and are much faster to produce. The previous versions cost the Legion around $45 per marker plus the cost of paint and ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, as they have aged they now require maintenance every 3 months due to rusting but with limited manpower and funds more often than not they only receive maintenance every few years.

Currently, there is an est. 300 markers already in the cemetery that need to be replaced and another 200 that need to be produced. That is where my project comes in. We can produce a leaf with a 3d printer every 8 to 9 hours. By transferring the production process from cast metal to a 3d printed item we are slashing the lead time for them to get new markers as well as helping them cut costs at a time where funding for the Legion is extremely hard to come by due to the restriction currently in place from COVID-19. We have ran a cost estimate on this project and to complete the project in the current fashion including replacing existing markers and completing the rollout of the 200 still needed would cost them in the area of $23,000 plus maint. costs moving forward. I can complete the same project for around $1,500 in material, allowing the Legion to save money they are in desperate need of right now and possibly producing smaller versions at cost for them that they could sell to generate an extra revenue stream for them assisting in recovery.

Подкрепен от Sarnia (March 2021)