Care Collection Days

We would love to bring our We Care Connect Collection Days to the Lake Macquarie community to enable the Lake Mac community to donate their pre-loved children's items - and know that they'll go to vulnerable children living below the poverty line.
We would love to run two collection days over the next 12 months.
This initiative will be the first of it's kind for We Care and the Lake Macquarie community as we are the only community service who redistributes children's community items directly to families who have nothing.
We partner with Lake Macquarie community support services such as:
• South Lakes Food Care
• Benevolent Society
• Community Activities Lake Macquarie Toronto
• Samaritans and
• Wesley Mission
who put in requests from local Lake Macquarie families, then we tailor their request to the individual need of the family.
These Collection Days will create an incredible opportunity to introduce the Lake Macquarie community to giving their children's items to We Care Connect - and we would love the Awesome Foundation's support to bring this to life!
This project represents a step closer to our overall goal of reaching the 10,000 local children living in poverty who have nothing.

Подкрепен от Lake Mac (September 2020)