COVID-19 Spring 2020– When Pandemic Met Paradise

Our plan – Roberta DePiero and Carol Tedesco - is to create a limited edition, commemorative photo-book of images taken by Key West photographers during the ‘COVID-19 Spring’ from March 1-May 31, 2020 at locations in Key West and the Lower Keys, documenting the historic season when COVID impacted the Keys and the wholly unique co-existence of beauty and pain, peace and suffering, surreal quiet and passionate community support that resulted. ALL proceeds from book sales will be donated towards COVID-19 relief efforts via a local organization such as SOS Foundation, Sister Season Fund, or another charity as agreed upon by the photographers.

We plan to invite individual and couple-team photographers to submit up to 10 photos each, from any kind of camera – phone or DSLR, some or all of which will be included in the book. Invited include: Alyson Crean, Lynn Bentley-Kemp, Mark Hedden, Pete Arnow, Rob O’Neal, Larry Blackburn, Ralph DePalma, Virginia Wark, Ayla Croft, Bill/Linda Klipp, Joe/Ozlem Berg, Nick Doll, Tony Gregory, Todd Feit, Roberta, and Carol. We plan to ask Rosi Ware, who is highly and widely regarded in the arts community, to write the books forward and to select the front and back covers from the photo collection.

As a memento of a remarkable, painful, and sometimes eerily beautiful moment in history, captured through the eyes of multiple talented photographers, A lot of people are in dire straights due to the impact of COVID-19.

Подкрепен от Key West, FL (July 2020)