The Tempestry Project

This month we thought we'd try something a little different and encourage people not just to submit their own ideas, but also to nominate the awesome things happening around them - and boy were we blown away by the things people are doing!

Like our May winner who is creating a Tempestry for Adelaide depicting temperatures over a 100-year period from 1920 to 2020. The Tempestry Project is an ongoing collaborative fibre arts project that presents climate change data in visual form through knitted or crocheted artwork. The project is part of a larger "data art" movement and the developing field of climate change art, which seeks to overcome human tendency to value personal experience over data by creating accessible experiential representations of climate change data. More info on the Tempestry movement below.

Our $1,000 will be helping to buy the materials needed to create this fibre arts project which is estimated to be 3m wide and 1.5m tall when finished! We can't wait to see it!

Подкрепен от Adelaide (May 2020)