The Excelsior Adventures Charity Support Fund

I started my company Excelsior Adventures after I found myself using hiking and adventure to battle my mental health issues. Since last April I have had the pleasure of taking some incredible people out on hiking adventures and heard some really inspirational stories.

Excelsior Adventures aims to help people get out into nature and use the amazingly beautiful landscape we have in Scotland to improve their mental well being. Mental ill health accounts for 28% of the overall disease burden, but it receives just 13% of NHS funding, according to The Centre for Mental Health. With more and more people coming forward with problems with their mental health it is imperative that we start looking at different ways of improving and supporting individuals well being needs.

Using the beautiful outdoors that we are so lucky to have in Scotland we aim to organise hiking adventures that will encourage people to get out into the outdoors and utilise natures medicine. Our vision is to be able to provide a safe environment for individuals who are looking to better themselves, their mental well being and overall state of mind. We look to provide the knowledge and confidence to explore natural remedies to help with stress, anxiety and mental ills.

Подкрепен от Glasgow (June 2020)