Victory Hanging Garden Urbanized

As we have been in more than out! My heart longed for the freshness of the outdoors! As an artist for 20 years in DC. Am all to familiar with the food desert we could be living soon. So a window of possibility was staring me in the face! Taking my creative skill set forth to build a hanging hydroponic garden! After it was complete Realized would love to create one for my Neighbors! And as the store goes if you make they will grow. Now the sky could be the limit but would like to create these hanging hydroponic victory gardens to supplement food but also to connect those who normally may not back to nature! Can see these as living and growing wall installations that feed the masses. Also the attached picture is a growing sclupture that I am working on to be burned o. the national mall for Catharsis in Nov. Would love to also make them growing sclupture! for the neighborhood's.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (May 2020)