Within the First 50 paces

There are so many photographers out there with mobility issues from Parkinson's Disease and MS or from injury. I have had Parkinson's since 1989 and now represent only the 7% left alive. 93% of those persons who got Parkinson's when I did are now dead. The continued frustration is finding places to create beautiful photographs that are accessible. Often "handicapped accessible" means the toilets and not the trails, Thus places of beauty become frustratingly scarce as time goes on. My project is to identify the exact location of those special places, starting in Northern California. Whether they are parks, preserves, beaches or even just a pullout on the side of the road where a person of listed mobility can get a beautiful image "Within the First 50 Paces" of the car.. These would be built into a website with stories, sample images and GPS coordinations with vlogs and blogs.

Подкрепен от San Francisco, CA (May 2020)