Feed hungry, at-risk New Yorkers during COVID-19


We are asking for individuals to place catering orders through us (add link) or to donate directly to us through this campaign. With the donations that come in, we will place orders with our restaurant partners and donate all the orders to shelters and food banks in New York City. We will be partnering with the institutions serving the most vulnerable folks during this unprecedented time.


Every donation/order directly impacts three separate constituencies: 1) underserved, vulnerable individuals; 2) our restaurant partners; and 3) FoodToEat.

With folks (rightly) working from home, restaurants across the U.S. are seeing 50-90% declines in business, forcing many to already shut their doors for good. We're trying to help the food community - which touches every corner of our lives - survive these trying times.

Your contribution will directly help them offset the declines they're seeing in their core business, while also nourishing the life of someone else in need.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (April 2020)