Eat It To Beat It

The Garlic Mustard Weed is choking out native plants and disrupting the eco system. Research would suggest that the important eradication of the invasive plant can't be done. Eco Kids say it can! They are willing to put the work in to solve this problem and enlist the support of the entire Kingston community through an informative poster and booklet campaign in conjunction with field activities and other community events.

Invasive species are a serious concern and threat to our local eco system. There are many species which are threatened by plants such as the Garlic Mustard Weed. Anecdotal accounts suggest that the Garlic Mustard Weed is thriving as ever before in the Kingston area. Awareness is key and the Eco Kid would like to have their important message and unique spin (eat the enemy) heard loud and clear. This eager group of young people would like to see change and improvement in their community and they work very hard at their goals. They have taken the challenge of removing the Garlic Mustard Weed and invite you to help them convey this idea to the Kingston and Area Community.

The Centennial Eco Kids were outraged once they discovered that a cruel invader lurked in their very own school yard! They quickly mobilized into action and waged a war on the dreaded weed. They set out on a mission to eliminate the enemy and carefully pulled out several bags worth of the menace. As focused and as furiously they worked they soon realized that the weed is a formidable foe threatening to take over Kingston! The Eco Kids need some awesome support to combat the wicked weed and restore peace to the eco system in Kingston and Area.

Get rid of the Garlic Mustard Weed - Eat it to Beat it!

Подкрепен от Kingston (May 2012)