Farmer to Farmer Forum

The CRAFT Kingston organic farmers' network is made up of roughly 12 farms and focuses on knowledge transfer and social networking as ways to build the capacity of member farms to run successful farm businesses and supply the Kingston region with fresh organic food.

We have recently decided that a "Farmer to Farmer Forum", an online interactive communication tool, needs to be developed in order to improve our ability to share knowledge, resources, and other information about opportunities to collaborate. This would enable an entirely new way of communicating, one that could archive the exchanges for future reference by many Kingston area farmers and decentralize the coordination responsibility maintaining a limited dependence on outside funding.

We have been operating as CRAFT Kingston for three years now and have been developing our ability to train new farmers and share knowledge through workshops and farm yours to support one another. We have discussed the importance of effective and simple communication to our network and the Farmer to Farmer Forum could not only amplify the effectiveness of CRAFT Kingston but also help educate and network with the community!

Подкрепен от Kingston (January 2012)