Fancy Phone Numbers - 16mm film

Fancy Phone Numbers, a 16mm film
Director: Sequinette, starring SF drag performer Pat N Leather as Salomé
Format: 16mm black & white and color experimental film 
Filming Location(s): Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo; Studio 8 SFAI, San Francisco
Run Time: 12-15 minutes

A high camp/high drag re-imagining of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, seen through the perspective and aspirations of aging silent film star Norma Desmond, in pre-production now! Borrowing motifs from Sunset Boulevard and loosely referencing the Wilde text, the moving image work creates a non-linear, bizarre experimental fantasy of what Desmond might have embodied had she not be subject/subjected to misogyny, ageism, and the deafening impact of “talkies.”Project StatusCurrently in pre-production and casting. Costume creation in progress. Location(s) and all equipment secured.Premiere: May 2020  

Подкрепен от San Francisco, CA (January 2020)