East Side Social Center

East Side Social Center is a community social center that is a library, bookstore and soon to be internet lounge. We also host a variety of events that range from discussion groups, workshops/presentations, film screenings, letter writing nights to prisoners and performances from local and touring musicians and many more types of events. More importantly… we believe that, by relying on and caring for one another, we can resist and create alternatives to the consumer-driven, alienating culture that engulfs us. We are committed to opening our space not only to the neighborhood in which our building is located, but to anyone and everyone who feels strongly about strengthening and empowering community.

As far as logistics about the space, it is volunteer run, organized horizontally and operated based on consensus. This means that everyone most heavily involved makes decisions together in a meeting setting and therefore, all concerns are addressed. These decisions are mostly centered around finance, book orders, promotion, and other logistical topics involved with maintaining the space.

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