Tribal Maternal, Infant and Child Health Symposium

The 2019 Tribal Maternal, Infant and Child Health Symposium will be held November 20 and 21 in Fort Yates, ND. This annual event provides tribally specific information and approaches to improving health outcomes for American Indian women, their babies and children. Attendees include tribal health directors and providers, parents, state and local health programs, health policy makers and organizations focused on improving tribal maternal, infant and child health outcomes.

This year's agenda includes speakers on historical trauma and its impact on parenting, neonatal substance exposure, safe sleep and SIDS risk reduction, men's traditional fatherhood role as protector during pregnancy, community health representatives as pre and post natal care supports, perinatal mood disorder, adverse childhood experiences and the role of lateral oppression in prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal care.

The 2019 MCH Symposium is being held in Fort Yates, ND. It is hosted by the American Indian Public Health Resource Center, ND Department of Health and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Подкрепен от Cass Clay (October 2019)