Gender Reveal Party

August’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Master Cameron Eric Leon to support a drag show featuring artists who are trans, non-binary, or another marginalized gender.

“My background is in performing,” explains Cameron, “but I have started producing shows out of necessity. Most of the drag bars in the city don't hire drag kings or aren't safer spaces for trans and non-binary performers. The drag scene in Ottawa is also still very white, and most shows are at inaccessible venues,” he continues. “I want to produce a show with more representation and more inclusivity not only from a performer standpoint, but also for the sake of our audience and equality in general.”

Cameron, who recently co-produced an all-drag-king show called Kinging it Old School, will co-produce the new show, called Gender Reveal Party, with fellow drag kings Cyril Cinder, Miles Zinya, and Johnny B Gud. “Three out of four of us identify as trans or non-binary,” he notes, “and all of us as queer.”

Cameron is a trans, non-binary, genderqueer person by day, and a fabulous and flashy drag king by night. He won Mr. Capital Pride in 2014 and the first ever Mx. Capital Pride in 2016.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (August 2019)