Melting Galaxies

‘Melting Galaxies’ is a community arts project for three young people from the Speke / Garston Area of Liverpool.

The aim is to find three participants ages 18-21 that need a boost of confidence.

I will teach them to create a set of galaxy glass marbles in my glass workshop Mersey Glass Works based in L19 8JA.

Each of them will have a day of work and artistic experience. They will gain insight into a heritage craft, learn about health and safety, work environments, engineering, the chemical industry and how neon art is made.

I will organise a meeting of all three towards the end of the project to reflect on the experiences made during their day.

I will also create a social media page with the art works for them to use for networking in the future.

It aims at building resilience, giving inspiration and creating networks

Подкрепен от Liverpool (August 2019)