The Lafayette School Restoration Inc.

Mission: The Lafayette School Restoration, Inc. mission is to Preserve the Cultural, Educational, and Economic growth, past and present within the community by providing a facility where all may participate, with opportunities for youth, adults, veterans and families in Camden, Arkansas and surrounding areas.

Organizational Purpose: The purpose of the Lafayette School Restoration Inc. is to focus on developing a mentoring process in the area of education. To provide senior citizens with a wholesome outlet geared toward health and well-being. To involve families and youth in the designing, planning, and implementation of all activities geared towards Educational, Health, and Economics.

1. The Lafayette School Restoration Inc. was organized with a set goal: To acquire and restore our school property for our community needs.
2. To provide educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults.
3. To ensure that no one in Camden or in surrounding areas goes hungry.

1. To provide regular weekly recreational and cultural activities to 50-youth, encompassing youth from grade school, middle school, and high school ages, adult recreational and cultural programs for an additional 50 individuals, and health education and services to 200 to 300 children and adults monthly.
2. To increase the proficiency of 50 adults and veterans in Camden to achieve by making available tutoring, G.E.D., and life skills classes.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Lafayette School Restoration, Inc. is listed in the Arkansas Register. We hope to complete the process of turning the old Lafayette school from 1969 into a community center for all of Camden, Arkansas and surrounding areas to enjoy for years to come. Many well-educated individuals work countless hours behind the scenes as in-kind donations. To increase our chances of approval, we plan to apply for multiple Awesome grants.

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