Sound Around Town

April’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Zara Ansar and Jason Cobill to support rolling “bike jams” in Ottawa this summer.

“Music and bikes are two of our favourite things,” say Zara and Jason. “Our idea,” continues Zara, “is to mesh these two wonderful things together and have rolling ‘bike jams’ where we link up portable speakers to one phone that plays music. The rides will vary based on genre,” she continues, “including decade rides, a Grease-themed ride, a Spice Girls ride, and so on. For some bike jams,” Zara notes, “riders will be encouraged to dress up in different styles based on the theme of the ride.”

Zara and Jason plan to hold the bike jams every week or two, depending on interest. They will start during the Sunday Bikedays road closures.

“The main goal,” says Zara, “is to get everyone out on a bike together. It will be a great way to get to know people in the community, meet new people, and just smile when you see your fellow cyclists riding together.”

To learn more, and to participate, visit

Zara is a videographer by day and a creative ninja by night. Jason is an Ottawa-based artist and coder.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (April 2019)