As I See Myself

WE ARE ON A MISSION TO USE ART (in all its forms) as a tool of engagement to raise awareness and to be a voice for children, youth and women victims of abuse, exploitation, human and/or sex trafficking.

We work hand in hand with other organizations to prevent, alert and inform our communities of the risks, statistics and factors involving these problems.

“As I See Myself” is a program we created where children look at themselves in a mirror and paint a self-portrait on a canvas, which externalizes deep feelings, thoughts and liberates emotions. Children are given a space to have a voice, where they can dream and draw their future, and realize that they are unique and loved.
Through art we can express many feelings such as: sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. That is why As I see myself project can help identify these kinds of factors, including whether a child is being abused at school or at home.
Your generous donation will provide free art classes to kids on the foster care system, migrant children and youth, children in placement homes or kids in under-served communities.

Подкрепен от Miami, FL (May 2019)