Musical Charities

Musical Charities will be a speed dating event for citizens that want to get involved with helping Michiana through volunteering/donating to non profits and community projects that make South Bend stronger. The focus will be on every individual having a direct impact on their community by meeting 10 non profits per event, and putting the power of community improvement into the hands of individuals. South Bend and the greater area can't thrive if individuals feel disconnected from valuable social change, and this project shows that it's not solely a business or government role to make our communities better, it's also up to us as residents to help our communities thrive.
Each Community Builder (Unity Gardens, La Casa De Amistad, The Music Village, Y.S.B, etc.) will have 3 minutes to pitch; 1) Who they are 2)H ow they help the community 3) How you can support them. If the resident feels compelled to hear more or connect they can exchange contact information and follow up after the event to donate or volunteer. There is no minimum or limit on engagement, and the goal is to spread as much networking and information as possible.
I've already gotten commitment from a multitude of community builders and have a great relationship with more. It would take an email or phone call to make this happen and I want it to be big. The bigger it is, the more good we can do as a community!

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