YGK Boxing's Champ Dance

At YGK Boxing we host an inclusive environment where youths and adults can learn the sport of boxing while having fun and getting a great workout. Our “Awesome” idea is to host a bi-annual dance for people with disabilities, the youth, and our members. We want to turn our new location into a “dance club theme” for the night where we will have professional DJ services, fun lighting, velvet rope entrance with bouncers, “V.I.P” guest list, soda/candy bartenders, movies, and a bouncy castle. We have partnered up with other business to help make this Awesome idea into a reality. After working and setting up the adapted program with Ongwanada we agreed this could be a great start to have people living with disabilities get introduced to doing a specialized boxing workout and have a fun night out. We are very excited to be hosting an AWESOME event like this at YGK Boxing and want to continue showcasing our passion for the beautiful sport of Boxing in Kingston.

Подкрепен от Kingston (April 2019)