Christmas Lunch

Hi my friend puts on a Christmas Lunch for people in her own area... Chrisites beach...
She purchases, preps, cooks and serves the a nice wholesome lunch with desert, tea and coffee, soft drinks to the needy, lonely, homeless or lost souls. The Lunch is cooked and held in the local hall.

This awesome lady and her family also make hampers for her guests and she has a gift for each child that joins her table.

All funds come out of her personal hard earned cash. This year she say's she had to turn away about 25 people on the day that just turned up with the hope of being fed. it broke her heart.

Cooking Christmas lunch is really tricky even just for 6 people let alone 50! limited refrigeration, old hall ovens, you can imagine the challenges.

Would you kindly consider helping and making this year 2019's Christmas be even more awesome for this amazing lady and her family? lighten the load a little?

Подкрепен от Adelaide (October 2019)