Sketch Party

The Sketch Party project is a monthly event aimed at creating a strong sense of community while motivating the use of sketching as a healthy creative outlet.

By encouraging patrons to experiment with sketching - all while enjoying drinks, snacks and live music! - The Sketch Party creates a less intimidating environment where people can explore their inner-artist free from judgement or harsh criticism.

To support our community creating vision, all materials are supplied and no skill is required, ensuring this event suits a wide demographic. To achieve an inclusive vibe, the tables are grouped together and wrapped in various types of paper, directly on which the patrons can test a range of artistic materials with doodles and drawing. I aim to provide exposure to new and established artists, so each month the best sketch is utilised on the poster for following events.

I also aim to support local musicians by providing a relaxing space to play, encouraging both beginners as well as experienced musicians to entertain the crowd!

In 2019 I will aim to use a different venue each month in order to further support local business and showcase the many beautiful spaces Newcastle has to offer!

Подкрепен от Newcastle (February 2019)