Portable Podcast - A Mobile Community Studio

I am looking to remove all the barriers to creating a quality podcast episode for anyone anywhere who is interested in telling their story.

Portable Podcast would be a mobile podcast station that would include everything you would need to create a quality podcast on location.

There are several groups already interested in using Portable Podcast at this time:

-Me: As a ph.d. student studying education, I am interested in creating a podcast called"Teach Well" with a primary audience of commuting teachers in PA and the US. I would interview teachers and researchers about the inspiring and amazing projects they are involved in.

-a 6x6 Women in Action project member (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uXOnmyMgVs&feature=youtu.be) who intends to create a podcast about her work developing early education programs in rural Indonesia for local and international audiences.

  • A group of local teenagers interested in creating a podcast about their experiences with mindfulness and how it has informed their lives.

This resource would be available for community members to borrow and could also be paired with workshops on techniques and best practices.

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