Band Battle Armenia

On April 6th and 7th, students in UWC Dilijan are organizing Dilijan Arts Festival (DAF), which aims to turn the city into an artistic place for two days by gathering young artistic souls from all over Armenia.

As a part of DAF, this year we want to start an awesome project: first Band Battle for youth in Armenia.

There are a lot of young artists who want to start band activity but are hesitant because of the lack of environment. We believe that by providing an opportunity in which they can share their music, interact and learn from each other, the musical culture in Armenia among youth will be developed and become richer.

A stage will be set up inside the huge tent built in the central park in Dilijan. On the first day of the Festival, there will be the first selection in which three most outstanding bands out of ten bands will be selected. On the second day, those three bands will be performing during the main concert for the final selection in front of a huge audience and the famous musicians as judges. The winner will be awarded the prizes, including free music video shot by the professional creators.

The band can come from any genre; the only requirement is to have at least one member under 20. We will give them 15 minutes of performance time for them to create their own program and perform whatever they like to do. We want to invite famous musicians from different fields to attract participants and offer a fair judgment.

Through the event, participants will get experience on the stage, which is important for their growth as musicians. In addition, listening to the other bands and interacting with each other will help them to see their performance critically and to create new connections. The prize for the best band can help the band to encourage the career as a professional group. By continuing the project regularly, the Band Battle can be recognized as the first step for being popular.

Подкрепен от Yerevan (January 2019)