BIO girls Ulen-Hitterdal Site

My "awesome" project is bringing BIO girls to a small community in Clay County. Ulen-Hitterdal co-op's with Norman County East for sports but that doesn't mean that the need for building self-esteem and self worth in our young girls is any less important, but for most families traveling so far to have that benefit isn't always feasible. So as a mother of 3 girls I decided to bring the awesome program of BIO girls to Ulen- Hitterdal and surrounding area, not only for them but for all the girls in our communities! This will be our first year in Ulen-Hitterdal, each year BIO girls is offered to 35 girls in 2nd grade to 6th grade; it is a 12 week program where we work on building self-esteem through empowerment of self and service to others. BIO girls takes a 3 tier approach to building these girls' self-worth by giving the girls life skills, using mindful mentoring, and some physical perseverance goals to work towards. We finish off the 12 weeks by all completing a 5k together!
BIO girls has been proven to work with studies showing significant improvements in the girls overall quality of life, physical and emotional well-being, and self-esteem in home and school life.

Подкрепен от Cass Clay (November 2018)