Irene Morgan Schools - Vegan Summer School Meals!

We're launching summer programs to support children who have been incarcerated. Research shows that half of children who are incarcerated return to the criminal justice system within 3 years. Only 15% of those released as 9th graders earn a high school diploma. We're building micro schools that include mental health services, social and emotional skill development, entrepreneurship training and leadership development. We're excited to see our students thrive, remain out of the system and graduate with plans to attend college. We know they can do it!

We'd love to have the Awesome Foundation's support so that we can provide vegan meals and vegan meal kits and cooking lessons to our students and their families during our first summer schools launching this year in New Orleans and Oakland.

It's important to us that students learn to nourish themselves with plant based food that will give them energy and peace. We'd like to provide students with cooking lessons so they can bring what they've learned about healthy, sustainable, cruelty free eating back to their families. We will deliver these lessons in culturally appropriate ways that inspire students to take care of themselves, each other and the beings around them.

Подкрепен от Vegan (December 2018)