Exposure Therapy

Obscenity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder, however, does not exist within a vacuum. Societal norms, social pressure, and misinformation all direct our eyes and tell us what we should see.

I believe the oppression of women takes many forms, one of which is the notion that our bodies alone are pornographic. A nipple alone is not pornography, it’s not even gendered. We need to fight this absurdity once and for all — beauty and obscenity are in the eye of the beholder. My body is not the problem, your eyes are.

To aid in our fight, I offer Exposure Therapy: nipple stickers to get our point across. Stickers will be placed around the world, on any and all surfaces, to ask questions such as:
Is a car with a nipple sexy?
Could a sidewalk with a nipple be pornographic?
Is my laptop now inappropriate?
Would a telephone pole be obscene?
Is a tree with a nipple dangerous?

With my own efforts I have already gotten nipple stickers in the eager hands of all genders, and placed in California, New York, Norway, Spain, and beyond. I believe this project will help dilute our misunderstanding of the nipple, and further the empowerment of women's bodies. We all have them, only women are shamed for it. People only think about hypocrisy when exposed to it.

[The nipple stickers are waterproof and do not damage surfaces (they can be removed if desired)]

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (February 2019)