PEEK Project -Possibilities for Each and Every Kid

On Friday nights we have the Friday Night Project which runs between 6-8pm which provides a safe place for all young people in the local communities to come together and play. The project has been engaging with 50+ young people in an individual session and have been bringing 13+ communities together. This shows that the young people enjoy PEEK and consistently come back to engage.

We have identified through consultation that food has been a major part to what the young people would like to further develop their session. Food poverty is has a large impact on a number of communities and we would like to help in any way that we can.

The project would run on a Friday night between 6-8pm for 10 weeks and there would be 3 different sessions running on the one evening allowing a wide variety of activities to engage all young people. One of the activities is football down at the pitches where the young people can play football or engage in other sporting activities such as tennis and basketball or general play. Second activity is where the young people can choose what they want to do each week for example go for walk, make some s’mores and fire play. The third activity we would like to do is cooking where the young people would help cook and prepare a hot meal for the other young people attending the session. This would provide a free hot meal for the young people as well as engaging in a number of fun active activities.

Подкрепен от Glasgow (October 2018)